Recently I watched this movie “Dear John” in which John’s father Mr. Tyree is a coin collector. He has a magnifying glass and gloves using which he shows off his coins. Suddenly while watching the movie I got the idea of writing a post on coin collection. Though I don’t have magnifying glass and gloves but I do have a small collection of coins which are 100-150 in numbers.

I started collecting coins after I saw my grandfather carefully keeping his favourite coins in small boxes. I have got a lot many Indian coins from him except for Republic Day special Rs 50 coin. He says he’ll give it to me when the right time comes. Still I try to get that coin from him :-).

I also have coins from various countries like US,Nepal,Japan,Kuwait etc.I can say my father  is the one who gave me the highest number of coins amongst others who are kind enough to provide me coins. I am really thankful to all of them.

Coins have been a part of human civilization from long and it’s really amazing to see how each one of them is unique on its own like every individual. Every coin has two sides like every other person in this world.

Checkout some of my coins :-).


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Bapa Moriya Re !!!

Just felt like sharing these pictures taken from my balcony last year.It’s very mesmerizing to see the energy and enthusiasm in those eyes of the people down there.Don’t you think?

I think it is right when they say Festivals bring people together.:-)

Happy Ganesh Chathurthi!!!



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Voice from the sky for “Bahujan Hitaya;Bahujana Sukhaya”

Yeah, if you are a true Indian you must have atleast once switched on to Vivid bharati and you must have guessed what I mean by “Voice from the sky”.For those who don’t have  any idea about what I am writing  then for their information  it’s about our own AKASHVANI that I would like to blog about this time.

I like to tune to the national broadcasting radio of  Indian government that is All India Radio or Prasar bharathi not merely because I don’t have any other option but I find it entertaining(most of you may disagree with me).But I do agree that I switch to AIR only when other means are all gone. I still remember the day when I visited one of the AIR stations during my school days with my school friends and music teacher. As a part of school’s music team we were there to record some group song and instrumental music recordings for which we received some money.Oh!! How happy I was with the hundred rupees I got .I felt like I have served the country which was very childish of me. I was really astonished after looking at the interiors of the radio station as I had never visited one before. The recording station felt like a mini theatre for me. I recall watching one of my friends playing tabla in the recording room.


The popular channel on AIR radio, Vivid Bharati service was started in the year 1947 to compete with Radio Ceylon. It marked the beginning of commercial service in Indian broadcasting. Earlier movie songs were a ban on AIR only classical music was allowed. For experimentation commercials were also introduced in 1967.Some of the old popular programmes of Vivid Bharati include “Bhule bhisre geet”, “ Hawa Mahal”, “JaiMala”, “Chhaya Geet” etc.Now Vivid Bharati has also stepped into other countries through its DTH service for listeners throughout the world.

With technological development we have had a boost in electronic media but radio remains the oldest among them. Today there are many private FM stations which of course provide unlimited entertainment.But have you ever heard these stations playing songs for the soldiers who guard our land? I guess no. All the private stations mostly aim at the urban public. It is AIR (All India Radio) that reaches urban and rural areas equally playing songs to all kinds of people.Particularly in India there are still typical houses where the wife gets up early and switches on the radio, the sound of which makes the household alive. Recently that is on July 23rd, 2012 our country’s humble radio broadcaster turned 85.From the war broadcasts to emergency there has been always this Voice from the sky saying “This is All India radio giving you the news.”

So guys do tune to AIR this Independence day. 🙂 You can listen AIR online here :



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Friendship Day Special…

It’s been long since I have written any post. On the occasion of friendship day thought of resuming by blogging activity for friends who like to read my posts.Thankyou guys for being there everytime and anytime. The following are indeed truly said:

“I count myself in nothing else so happy
As in a soul rememb’ring my good friends.”
– William Shakespeare

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”
―C.S Lewis

“There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them.”
― J.K Rowling ,Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

I still remember my friends dragging me to the rides in Wonder La ,Bangalore on  which I would never step into by my own.There are many more incidents like this for now I’ll keep them to myself 🙂 .Friends are some really nice people to hang out with ,so never let your good friends go away .Always hold them tight.


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My first flight

I always wanted to fly  like  a bird .I am sure most of us would want to and due to this desire of human beings we have come up with inventions like aeroplane,helicopters,etc.I recently got an opportunity to fly in an aeroplane and in  this post I’ll be describing how it was.

My flight was from Mumbai to Bengalooru at 2.45 pm in the afternoon. The airline was Go Air of which I was hearing for the first time. Well we (i.e. I and my father) started from our house at 5.00 a.m. as it is 5 hours journey from our city to Mumbai. We took a train to Mumbai which reached there by 11 p.m and we had good three and a half hour left for our flight. We had four college students besides our seat in the train .They were cracking jokes, laughing, making fun of each other which made me feel nostalgic .Oh I really miss those wonderful and colourful college days. 😦

So in very few words if I describe the experience of flying it would be like floating around or in a very big space full of cotton. The clouds made such an effect that I felt like I am floating above a layer of big cotton balls. From the window seat watching out made me think that how beautiful and marvellous nature is. It was raining before our plane started on to the runway and during takeoff it was cool nothing unusual happened (though some people have uneasiness but that completely varies person to person).It was like we were moving up in the air to the first level just below the clouds, then it moves to next l level just above the clouds from where you can still see earth surface clearly (frankly during takeoff I couldn’t see anything because of thick clouds) .After that we move on to a height were we can clearly make out the Google map view of the earth below where it feels like we are floating in the level of clouds that are spread like thin sheets unlike  cotton balls and finally to level above all where you see clouds and clouds everywhere. The sun rays coming through the gaps between the clouds ,I swear its something you can’t explain. It was the awesome view I still have that view captured somewhere in mind like a still photograph. It makes one happy 🙂 🙂 .During whole journey I felt like the plane was tilting from direction to other circling the vast blue sky.I suggest you to at least once in your lifetime travel by aeroplane .It’s really  worth enjoying greatest invention of mankind. Hope I have put some images in your mind to think about :).Thanks for reading.


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X-MAS experience

I know you would be wondering Christmas in September? Well, I was just remembering my hostel life and was revisiting those wonderful days. I just thought mentioning this particular Christmas day celebration that I remember a lot. My hostel was like second home for me though it would be like a jail for any other hostel dweller. I mean there were lot of restrictions i.e. rules and regulations to be followed .It’s better not to write about hostel now because that will take one or more posts. So I leave it to your imagination. 😉

It was the usual Christmas day celebration which we have every year. During second or third year of my college (I don’t remember exactly) , we had this particular gift exchange game which we call X-Mas friend gift exchange wherein each of us including Warden had a secret X-Mas friend to whom we had to buy a gift. Here by secret I mean a person is unknown of who was going to gift them. Before the actual celebration day we need to pick our secret friend from a bowl having the names of all inmates. This was usually done one week before the program so that we had enough time to get a gift. We were supposed to keep the identity of our X-Mas friend secret but we gave hints to our roommates about our secret friend of course unless she was our roommate herself. So we all from the same batch used go together for getting the gifts and I must mention that it becomes very interesting if one of your batch mate was your X-Mas friend. As you must have already guessed that my X-Mas friend was one of my roommates as well as my dearest friend.  I wanted to buy a special gift and I did find one though you may not find anything special in it. But the moment I saw it ,I decided it was the one. Have you ever had a feeling of owning something at the first sight of it (like eye catching thing)? 😉 Well it happens to me often. So we were all ready with our gifts and finally it was that day or evening I must say.Oh! I just forgot to mention that we had great fun while reading anonymous letters from inmates to their friends describing everything to anything about that person and making the recipient more curious. We could find letters anywhere from mess hall to out shelf.

Mine is a convent Hostel and during celebrations we have our convent’s respected father as our guest. There were many programs including the game or rather I should say  gift exchange program.Our warden started the game by presenting her gift to her christmas  friend and then the person receiving the gift would reveal her Christmas friend & gift her.So this chain continued till the last person got her gift. After receiving gifts we unwrapped them and tadaaa!! Someone got coffee cup, others got soft toys ,many small useful things etc.So my purpose of writing this whole post was this particular comment from our father on the gift I presented to my Christmas friend.Yeah after reading all this rubbish (thanks a lot for bearing with me) I am going to tell you that our father called me not as Vidya but as a person who gifted a wall hanging having some Arabic inscription on it (honestly I still don’t what the inscription means).He wanted to know what exactly did I mean by presenting such a gift to my friend.I don’t know from where the words came but I said to him that this was an Islamic gift to a Christian friend from a Hindu friend (seriously I was searching words & thinking about something else before these words came out).It shocked(overwhelmed) me more when our father told me he would narrate this small conversation of ours during his addressing speeches because he liked the way I interpreted the gift. He told me  he could have never thought of such  an interpretation. Well seriously for some time I wondered how those words came out from my mouth.Anyways that remains as a beautiful memory to me and thank you very much for reading this. 🙂


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Magic or Technology -what do we call these?

I have always been amused by the flying broomstick, the invisibility cloak, floating images etc Yeah you are thinking exactly right I am a Harry Potter(HP) fan and J.K Rowling‘s too good (for HP fans)and for  non – HP fans you would be thinking -Oh! another HP fan. Well there isn’t much of the HP stuff I am going to write in this post so chill 🙂 .Being an Engineer and searching for new updates on R&D activities I came across the technologies which I thought worth mentioning in my blog as a record you know (and which are very close to so called MAGIC  and would have been called so  if we were living in the 17th century. ;-))and Who knows what is believed as magic today may be the technology of next century.

First one is about Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientist’s new pair of “X-ray glasses”. So as the technology advances beware when someone opposite to you is wearing glasses J.Yeah I am talking about the “X-ray glasses” which can help the wearer know exactly what the person he/she is talking to is thinking. In the same manner, the glasses can also tell the wearer when he/she should stop talking to is thinking. The glasses have a built-in camera which monitors the other person’s facial expression and matches them up with 23 known features which convey emotions. It will then tell the individual via an earpiece and lights on the glasses what is going through the other person’s mind. In a traffic light-style system, a red light means negative, amber means modest interest, and green indicates that the other person is happy. The eyewear was originally developed for people suffering from autism who have genuine problems in interacting with others, but now the developers have seen wider applications of the glasses (well we can use this for spying purpose if one can get hold of one ;-)). The prototype works thanks to a camera the size of a grain of rice which is put into the frame and connected to a mini-computer, attached to the user’s body. The camera monitors how long and how often the 24 “feature points” appear on the subject’s face which are then analysed by a special software developed by the MIT team. This data is then compared with a bank of expressions and the computer tells the wearer what is going on via the earpiece and the traffic light-style system.

Second one is really cool. I mean have you ever imagined printing out a Bicycle out on your computer? Yeah I am talking about a BICYCLE. A team of British scientists announced a revolutionary technology that has enabled the world’s first fully working bicycle to be created simply by printing it out on a computer .The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Group in Bristol, Britain, made the bicycle. The bicycle, which is made of nylon is as strong as steel and the aluminium, but weighs 65 percent less. The scientists designed the bicycle on a computer and sent it to a printer, which placed layers of melted nylon powder on top of each other to build up the machine. In case of ordinary bicycles, individual components are made in different factories and assembled into one. The Airbike can be built to the rider’s specification; therefore, it requires no adjustment .It also requires no conventional maintenance. The 3D printing technology used here allows products to be made from a fine powder of nylon, carbon-reinforced plastics or metals such as titanium, steel or aluminium. The technology may be used in aerospace, motor industry and engineering. So are you ready to print your own model of bicycle? 🙂 My additions would be to control that computer using a remote control so that I get exactly a bicycle of my taste with my fingers 🙂 .Isn’t it something similar to magic what you say?

Before you go on ,I would like to ask you a question –

Have you seen the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man’s chest? If yes ,then have you wondered how did the character Davy Jones have moving tentacles? Well, its all about motion capture you need to know.

Fedkiw's techniques helped Pirates of the Cari...

Davy Jones evolves

Motion capture makes possible scenes such as those in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest,” where the movements of actor Bill Nighy were translated into a digitally created Davy Jones with octopus-like tentacles forming his beard. Traditional motion capture techniques use cameras to meticulously record the movements of actors inside studios, enabling those movements to be translated into digital models. But by turning the cameras around — mounting almost two dozen, outward-facing cameras on the actors themselves — scientists at Disney Research, Pittsburgh (DRP), and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) have shown that motion capture can occur almost anywhere — in natural environments, over large areas and outdoors. The wearable camera system makes it possible to reconstruct the relative and global motions of an actor thanks to a process called structure from motion (SfM). Takeo Kanade, a CMU professor of computer science and robotics and a pioneer in computer vision, developed SfM 20 years ago as a means of determining the three-dimensional structure of an object by analyzing the images from a camera as it moves around the object, or as the object moves past the camera. The quality of motion capture from body-mounted cameras does not yet match the fidelity of traditional motion capture, but will improve as the resolution of small video cameras continues to improve.The technique requires a significant amount of computational power; a minute of motion capture now can require an entire day to process. Future work will include efforts to find computational shortcuts, such as performing many of the steps simultaneously through parallel processing.

 Till then enjoy the due to release Movie using the motion capture technology-Mars needs Moms 🙂


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