IndiBlogger -Ring the Bell Meet

02 May

Here it was another IndiBlogger meet and that too for a CHANGE.We call it the INDICHANGE-By RINGING the BELL .Bell of freedom, bell of equality and the bell of respect.This was the second time I was attending a meet organised by IndiBlogger. I always wanted to be part of a meet which was dedicated to a cause.I reached the venue late after one and half hour of driving.I must say it was a bit difficult to find the venue . They say better late than never.So with a hope that the meet would last till 4.00 pm I entered the meeting hall.There I saw people (fellow bloggers) involved in intense argument.So what was the topic of discussion?-I thought.

A healthy lady in saree with a mic in her hand somewhere in the front row was talking about how she would react if someone hits her.She was of the opinion of Tit for tat that she would hit the person back.It was essentially a debate atmosphere in which I stepped into.I grabbed a chair at the last and seated myself comfortably. There was a collective opinion that Anger is an important emotion but it should not lead to violence.As they say anything in excess is dangerous (poison).

There were hands shooting up in the air desperate to speak their point out.It was I would say a productive and interactive discussion managed well by the organizers allowing or trying to involve everyone present in the meet.A lady in yellow shared her story of how she moved on in her life .It’s true that if there isn’t much one can do when people don’t want to respect or understand you.Only thing one can do is just move on in life leaving behind others who don’t even bother about you.

Yes I totally agree with Mr. Raghav who put out the point of WE bringing out and being the CHANGE. He shared his experience at the bus stop when some motorcycle guy had thrown him away making him part with his eyes(walking stick) .He explained how he helped himself by finding his stick and hitting back the motorcycle guy with the same when no one around bothered to make a move.

We should not forget that there are people who are also going through similar circumstances or weird experiences that we are going through. As someone has pointed out in the meet one should not listen to a person who has not been through what one is being through. There was a point mentioned that unless we haven’t faced a similar problem in our life we can’t understand actual depth of the problem. More specifically how it feels to be in a particular situation. So in the matter of domestic violence one should always try to approach an NGO which runs for the same cause. They would know how to guide you as they would understand your situation better than anyone else with their experience.

Speaking about domestic violence, it is there almost everywhere nowadays even within families also. A guy who was seated in front of me spoke about how his Dad dominated his Mother and Sister when it came to decision of his sister’s marriage. He used to overrule his mother. And then came a day when change happened.When he had to raise voice against his father to support his mother and sister. After that his father has never raised a voice against her.

There was also a point raised about being individualistic.Being what you are and not changing for the sake of someone else.Not loosing one’s own self to impress others.There was another discussion regarding marriage being necessary or not.”Is keeping it alive all together important when there is no happiness?”-this was a question raised by the man in blue shirt.He had this question in his mind ever since he had seen his friend an educated woman(the victim).I really don’t have much of understanding of a marriage so I leave at your imagination and I’m sure everyone will have there own version of it.

It seems the whole debate started out with a play by Ring the bell activist which I missed. In the play, Durga (the victim) was beaten up by her husband regularly.One day she decided to oppose this ,which becomes a big issue.The crowd present I think was asked to comment on the possible solution to this kind of situations.All the above points that I mentioned were raised during the part of discussion when I was there.Finally Ring the Bell representative was asked what would be the solution that they would come up to given such situation.Her answer was so simple – “SHE should have STOPPED HIM when he first raised his hands towards her”. The representative told that they would educate Durga so that she knows what is the right thing to do and what could end her being miserable.

This was just a summary of what happened at the meet. I think if we collectively ring the bell, the strength of the frequency would be huge enough to override the noise and even eliminate it completely.

The picture is copied from a page in facebook


PS: The Bloggers meet got over at 2.30 pm and I missed  more than half part of it. Next time I would go with someone who knows the venue location well.

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