11 Nov

Recently I watched this movie “Dear John” in which John’s father Mr. Tyree is a coin collector. He has a magnifying glass and gloves using which he shows off his coins. Suddenly while watching the movie I got the idea of writing a post on coin collection. Though I don’t have magnifying glass and gloves but I do have a small collection of coins which are 100-150 in numbers.

I started collecting coins after I saw my grandfather carefully keeping his favourite coins in small boxes. I have got a lot many Indian coins from him except for Republic Day special Rs 50 coin. He says he’ll give it to me when the right time comes. Still I try to get that coin from him :-).

I also have coins from various countries like US,Nepal,Japan,Kuwait etc.I can say my father  is the one who gave me the highest number of coins amongst others who are kind enough to provide me coins. I am really thankful to all of them.

Coins have been a part of human civilization from long and it’s really amazing to see how each one of them is unique on its own like every individual. Every coin has two sides like every other person in this world.

Checkout some of my coins :-).


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