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My first flight

I always wanted to fly  like  a bird .I am sure most of us would want to and due to this desire of human beings we have come up with inventions like aeroplane,helicopters,etc.I recently got an opportunity to fly in an aeroplane and in  this post I’ll be describing how it was.

My flight was from Mumbai to Bengalooru at 2.45 pm in the afternoon. The airline was Go Air of which I was hearing for the first time. Well we (i.e. I and my father) started from our house at 5.00 a.m. as it is 5 hours journey from our city to Mumbai. We took a train to Mumbai which reached there by 11 p.m and we had good three and a half hour left for our flight. We had four college students besides our seat in the train .They were cracking jokes, laughing, making fun of each other which made me feel nostalgic .Oh I really miss those wonderful and colourful college days. 😦

So in very few words if I describe the experience of flying it would be like floating around or in a very big space full of cotton. The clouds made such an effect that I felt like I am floating above a layer of big cotton balls. From the window seat watching out made me think that how beautiful and marvellous nature is. It was raining before our plane started on to the runway and during takeoff it was cool nothing unusual happened (though some people have uneasiness but that completely varies person to person).It was like we were moving up in the air to the first level just below the clouds, then it moves to next l level just above the clouds from where you can still see earth surface clearly (frankly during takeoff I couldn’t see anything because of thick clouds) .After that we move on to a height were we can clearly make out the Google map view of the earth below where it feels like we are floating in the level of clouds that are spread like thin sheets unlike  cotton balls and finally to level above all where you see clouds and clouds everywhere. The sun rays coming through the gaps between the clouds ,I swear its something you can’t explain. It was the awesome view I still have that view captured somewhere in mind like a still photograph. It makes one happy 🙂 🙂 .During whole journey I felt like the plane was tilting from direction to other circling the vast blue sky.I suggest you to at least once in your lifetime travel by aeroplane .It’s really  worth enjoying greatest invention of mankind. Hope I have put some images in your mind to think about :).Thanks for reading.


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