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X-MAS experience

I know you would be wondering Christmas in September? Well, I was just remembering my hostel life and was revisiting those wonderful days. I just thought mentioning this particular Christmas day celebration that I remember a lot. My hostel was like second home for me though it would be like a jail for any other hostel dweller. I mean there were lot of restrictions i.e. rules and regulations to be followed .It’s better not to write about hostel now because that will take one or more posts. So I leave it to your imagination. 😉

It was the usual Christmas day celebration which we have every year. During second or third year of my college (I don’t remember exactly) , we had this particular gift exchange game which we call X-Mas friend gift exchange wherein each of us including Warden had a secret X-Mas friend to whom we had to buy a gift. Here by secret I mean a person is unknown of who was going to gift them. Before the actual celebration day we need to pick our secret friend from a bowl having the names of all inmates. This was usually done one week before the program so that we had enough time to get a gift. We were supposed to keep the identity of our X-Mas friend secret but we gave hints to our roommates about our secret friend of course unless she was our roommate herself. So we all from the same batch used go together for getting the gifts and I must mention that it becomes very interesting if one of your batch mate was your X-Mas friend. As you must have already guessed that my X-Mas friend was one of my roommates as well as my dearest friend.  I wanted to buy a special gift and I did find one though you may not find anything special in it. But the moment I saw it ,I decided it was the one. Have you ever had a feeling of owning something at the first sight of it (like eye catching thing)? 😉 Well it happens to me often. So we were all ready with our gifts and finally it was that day or evening I must say.Oh! I just forgot to mention that we had great fun while reading anonymous letters from inmates to their friends describing everything to anything about that person and making the recipient more curious. We could find letters anywhere from mess hall to out shelf.

Mine is a convent Hostel and during celebrations we have our convent’s respected father as our guest. There were many programs including the game or rather I should say  gift exchange program.Our warden started the game by presenting her gift to her christmas  friend and then the person receiving the gift would reveal her Christmas friend & gift her.So this chain continued till the last person got her gift. After receiving gifts we unwrapped them and tadaaa!! Someone got coffee cup, others got soft toys ,many small useful things etc.So my purpose of writing this whole post was this particular comment from our father on the gift I presented to my Christmas friend.Yeah after reading all this rubbish (thanks a lot for bearing with me) I am going to tell you that our father called me not as Vidya but as a person who gifted a wall hanging having some Arabic inscription on it (honestly I still don’t what the inscription means).He wanted to know what exactly did I mean by presenting such a gift to my friend.I don’t know from where the words came but I said to him that this was an Islamic gift to a Christian friend from a Hindu friend (seriously I was searching words & thinking about something else before these words came out).It shocked(overwhelmed) me more when our father told me he would narrate this small conversation of ours during his addressing speeches because he liked the way I interpreted the gift. He told me  he could have never thought of such  an interpretation. Well seriously for some time I wondered how those words came out from my mouth.Anyways that remains as a beautiful memory to me and thank you very much for reading this. 🙂


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