Magic or Technology -what do we call these?

30 Aug

I have always been amused by the flying broomstick, the invisibility cloak, floating images etc Yeah you are thinking exactly right I am a Harry Potter(HP) fan and J.K Rowling‘s too good (for HP fans)and for  non – HP fans you would be thinking -Oh! another HP fan. Well there isn’t much of the HP stuff I am going to write in this post so chill 🙂 .Being an Engineer and searching for new updates on R&D activities I came across the technologies which I thought worth mentioning in my blog as a record you know (and which are very close to so called MAGIC  and would have been called so  if we were living in the 17th century. ;-))and Who knows what is believed as magic today may be the technology of next century.

First one is about Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientist’s new pair of “X-ray glasses”. So as the technology advances beware when someone opposite to you is wearing glasses J.Yeah I am talking about the “X-ray glasses” which can help the wearer know exactly what the person he/she is talking to is thinking. In the same manner, the glasses can also tell the wearer when he/she should stop talking to is thinking. The glasses have a built-in camera which monitors the other person’s facial expression and matches them up with 23 known features which convey emotions. It will then tell the individual via an earpiece and lights on the glasses what is going through the other person’s mind. In a traffic light-style system, a red light means negative, amber means modest interest, and green indicates that the other person is happy. The eyewear was originally developed for people suffering from autism who have genuine problems in interacting with others, but now the developers have seen wider applications of the glasses (well we can use this for spying purpose if one can get hold of one ;-)). The prototype works thanks to a camera the size of a grain of rice which is put into the frame and connected to a mini-computer, attached to the user’s body. The camera monitors how long and how often the 24 “feature points” appear on the subject’s face which are then analysed by a special software developed by the MIT team. This data is then compared with a bank of expressions and the computer tells the wearer what is going on via the earpiece and the traffic light-style system.

Second one is really cool. I mean have you ever imagined printing out a Bicycle out on your computer? Yeah I am talking about a BICYCLE. A team of British scientists announced a revolutionary technology that has enabled the world’s first fully working bicycle to be created simply by printing it out on a computer .The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Group in Bristol, Britain, made the bicycle. The bicycle, which is made of nylon is as strong as steel and the aluminium, but weighs 65 percent less. The scientists designed the bicycle on a computer and sent it to a printer, which placed layers of melted nylon powder on top of each other to build up the machine. In case of ordinary bicycles, individual components are made in different factories and assembled into one. The Airbike can be built to the rider’s specification; therefore, it requires no adjustment .It also requires no conventional maintenance. The 3D printing technology used here allows products to be made from a fine powder of nylon, carbon-reinforced plastics or metals such as titanium, steel or aluminium. The technology may be used in aerospace, motor industry and engineering. So are you ready to print your own model of bicycle? 🙂 My additions would be to control that computer using a remote control so that I get exactly a bicycle of my taste with my fingers 🙂 .Isn’t it something similar to magic what you say?

Before you go on ,I would like to ask you a question –

Have you seen the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man’s chest? If yes ,then have you wondered how did the character Davy Jones have moving tentacles? Well, its all about motion capture you need to know.

Fedkiw's techniques helped Pirates of the Cari...

Davy Jones evolves

Motion capture makes possible scenes such as those in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest,” where the movements of actor Bill Nighy were translated into a digitally created Davy Jones with octopus-like tentacles forming his beard. Traditional motion capture techniques use cameras to meticulously record the movements of actors inside studios, enabling those movements to be translated into digital models. But by turning the cameras around — mounting almost two dozen, outward-facing cameras on the actors themselves — scientists at Disney Research, Pittsburgh (DRP), and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) have shown that motion capture can occur almost anywhere — in natural environments, over large areas and outdoors. The wearable camera system makes it possible to reconstruct the relative and global motions of an actor thanks to a process called structure from motion (SfM). Takeo Kanade, a CMU professor of computer science and robotics and a pioneer in computer vision, developed SfM 20 years ago as a means of determining the three-dimensional structure of an object by analyzing the images from a camera as it moves around the object, or as the object moves past the camera. The quality of motion capture from body-mounted cameras does not yet match the fidelity of traditional motion capture, but will improve as the resolution of small video cameras continues to improve.The technique requires a significant amount of computational power; a minute of motion capture now can require an entire day to process. Future work will include efforts to find computational shortcuts, such as performing many of the steps simultaneously through parallel processing.

 Till then enjoy the due to release Movie using the motion capture technology-Mars needs Moms 🙂


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4 responses to “Magic or Technology -what do we call these?

  1. ayush

    August 31, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    “Merlin’s beard !! These technologies really sounds magical. I cant wait to plant my hands on that X ray glasses.. 😉
    Nice informative blog by d way. keep blogging…..


    • Adivy

      August 31, 2011 at 3:24 pm

      Well there are more of such magical technologies.I just listed some of them 🙂

  2. Sharika

    September 24, 2011 at 6:46 pm

    where will i get those spectz da??????

    • Adivy

      October 5, 2011 at 4:05 am

      Just wait and see .It will be available in near future 😉


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